New Erasmus+Project

A new contract for an Eramus+project has been signed together with “ICIRLD” , which is a non-governental organization in Armenia. We will host a facilitator course in Digital Storytelling in October 2016 in Armenia.

The project will invite young people from around Europe to participate in a course where they will use digital storytelling to advocate cultural diversity and people from different cultural backgrounds work hand in hand for the solution of global problems and for sustainable development.

In 2015 a team from Digital Storylab were invited to facilitate a 5 days course – here is one of the stories which was made on the workshop by a participant.

Snow by Denisas Kolomyckis from Digital Storylab on Vimeo.

Please contact Kasia, who is the project manager in Armenia if you wish to join the course – her email:

Udgivet 14. juni 2016 af Storylab