Youth Inclusion in Armenia

In December 2015, 3 trainers from Digital Storylab travelled to Armenia for facilitating a 5 days digital storytelling course in an erasmus+ project with 20 participants from all over Europe. The hosting organization was the International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (ICIRLD) in Armenia and the title of the project was called ‘Digital Storytelling & Youth Inclusion’.

The design of the project and training course was solely devoted to digital storytelling, during which youth workers had a chance to learn the method and to think of how to use it in their own countries.

The vision and goal with the training was to spread this knowledge amongst NGO professionals from Eastern Partnership countries, as they are facing many difficult challenges in their everyday work but are often lacking proper, effective tools and methods to tackle important social issues, such as migration.

​During the project participants took part in intensive sessions where Digital Storylabs facilitators introduced them to the concept of digital storytelling. They went through the process of creating their own personal narratives which helped them to understand the method better. Afterwards they thought of concrete projects that could be implemented in their own communities.

The results of the projects is:
– 15-20 stories
– Giving the youth workers participating in the training course an opportunity to see how the digital storytelling looks in practice.
– New future projects cross participants and countries

Here are some of the stories – see more on Vimeo

A story about twins by Tonya

Tonya from Digital Storylab on Vimeo.

Hor Eye Zons

HorEyeZons by Bianca Iancu from Digital Storylab on Vimeo

Snow by Denis

Snow by Denisas Kolomyckis from Digital Storylab on Vimeo.

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