• “To be a person is to have a story to tell”

This is an english resume of what Digital Storylab do, who we are and what you can use us for.

Who are we?

Digital StoryLab is the Copenhagen Center for Digital Storytelling. Digital Storylab is a specialized digital storytelling company in Denmark with leading expertise in the development, planning, implementation & production of digital stories.

We work with authentic voices and stories in every aspect of companies, organizations, institutions and communities through insight, participatory methods, media creation & production. We work with video diaries, production, storytelling, facilitation of workshops and much more.

Expertise & Work

Digital Storylab work with national and international projects in the following areas:

• Teaching and facilitation in new media & storytelling
• Documentation & research
• Culture and history of preservation
• Video production & methods
• Participation and observation
• Self Development
• Local memory & civic planning
• Social Innovation
• User research
• Human Rights
• Community building projects
• Creativity & Innovation

What are our Services?

– 3 days Standard Workshop
This workshop give the participants education in designing and producing a three- to five-minute digital story. Participants craft and record first-person narrative:

  • Collect still images, video, and music with which to illustrate, their pieces.
  • Guided through computer tutorials that enable them, with facilitator support, to edit their own stories.
  • Storyboard, filmediting, storycircle and collaboration
  • Everyone can participate with a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone or Tablets
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– Facilitator Workshop:

NEXT FACILITATOR COURSE: We try to  provide courses that fits your need and dates.
SEE PROGRAMME HERE: Train The Trainer Programme_Copenhagen

Education of trainers, educators or everyone else that wish to faciliate workshops in Digital Storytelling. Here the participants learns how to teach the method.

  • Media literacy
  • Theory and methods to creativity and storytelling
  • Formats, IT tool and social media
  • Projectplanning and budget
  • International projects
  • Digital storytelling in the mass media
  • Introduction to documentary and film style
  • Teaching the methods to different target groups
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– Documentation & Innovation support
Support, Conferences & Video documentation
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Are you hungry for more information? Let us know and we can sent you some materials in english. About Digital Storytelling (PDF)

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