European Center for Digital Storytelling

After some month of hard work with Digital Storytelling here in Copenhagen something is now happening and here are some good news.

In the end of may there will be a videoconference meeting in Copenhagen where Joe Lambert from the Storycenter in Berkeley invites colleagues, storytellers, and organizations to dicuss the potential of developing the first European Storytellingcenter based in Copenhagen.
The vision is first to start the institution of ongoing Digital Storytelling public workshops in Europe. Joe describes the vision here:

“The Center for Digital Storytelling has had an intention to develop a permanent European presence for the last six years. The success of the BBC Wales program, follow-up successes of other projects in other parts of the U.K., the Netherlands, and Sweden (most recently the successful project started with Delta Garden in the Smaaland region), and a long standing interest among dozens of individuals across Europe, has suggested that an independent organization could be sustained on a European wide basis.

At the meeting the discussion will also address mechanisms for marketing digital storytelling history
of work in Europe, and seeking customized clients in the E.U.

If anyone wants to be a part of this interesting project or know about funding, or other regional funding to
support this effort you are more than welcome to participate or contact us.

Joe Lambert is the Founding Director of the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS). Joe founded CDS in 1994 together with Dana Atchley.

Udgivet 17. marts 2008 af nikoline