Workshop in Berlin

At the end of 2016 Digital StoryLab expanded our office to Berlin, when we held our first workshop in this lively city – so full of stories. It was a classic 3-day workshop with six participants, and it turned out highly successful. The weekend offered deep self-reflection, wonderful group dynamic, and concentrated hard work, which resulted in six beautiful stories and very happy and satisfied participants. See the great stories at our Vimeo channel.

Frequencies by Kasia Kowalska from Digital Storylab on Vimeo.

“It has been incredibly beneficial to me on both a personal and creative level. I felt safe and challenged at the same time which was perfect in allowing me to grow from this experience.” (From participant evaluation, Dec. 2016)

Now its time to repeat the success. We’ll have another 3-day workshop in the weekend March 24th-26th 2017, from Friday to Sunday. Write to our Berlin facilitator, Signe Sander, to sign up or with any questions regarding the workshop.

Have a look at the preliminary schedule here.

Digital Storytelling Berlin

Concentrated participants in Berlin, December 2016

“By now all my friends and family know about this amazing experience you’ve created for us. With such intuition, tactfulness, empathy and sensitivity! I am in awe and so grateful you invited me for this experience!” (From participant evaluation, Dec. 2016)


Udgivet 8. februar 2017 af Storylab