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Landskrona Workshop

We have just been in Landskrona to teach 10 participants about digital storytelling. Their stories were great and very different. The 4 days program included:
1. Day: Story and Scriptwriting– Introduction to the history of Digital Storytelliing
– Creative writing methods
– Scriptwriting
– Storycircle
– Introduction to the 7 elements
– Learning to facilitate a workshop
– Introduction to new digital tools

scriptwritingDay 2: Voice, Images and Sound
– The different storytellers
– The power of your voice
– Lecture in Soundediting (Audacity)
– Recording the story
– Images research / Scanning
– What are good stories? (examples)
– Introduction to videoediting (moviemaker)

storycircleDay 3: Production
– Lecture in moviemaker
– How to use a Storyboard and online tools
– Editing films with transistions, effects, titles
– Photoshop, videorecording and soundeffects
– How to facilitate the technical part

productionDay 4: Celebration and sharing stories
– Final production
– What to remember as a facilitator!
– Workshop with different target groups
– Story Screening and Celebration

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