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Thanks for a great day

Thanks very much for a great week and especially a unique International Day of Sharing Lifestories.


20 children from Bjørns International Day were working hard the whole week before and made 11 great digital stories.

Some of them worked in pair of two and some of them worked individual. The theme was ´My Hood´but all the stories were very different. Some of them were about cultural differences and how it feels like living your whole life in lots of countries and having friends from all over the world. Other were about friendship, adoption, interests and feelings.

07.jpg05.jpgPhotography; Michael Pedersen

Thanks to Peter, Julie and Michael for all your help. Thanks for all the people who came to celebrate the day.

And thanks to Bernadette, the teacher for giving us the opportunity to create the digital storytelling workshop with your youngsters.

The most important – Great stories, power and happiness from all the young people from Bjørns International School.

Anne and Nikoline

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