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See John Hartley in Denmark

Right now, I would love to be a Ph.d. student in the DREAM research consortium, since John Hartley will be giving a speak about Digital content creation: educational options and challenges on the second international DREAM conference (a conference for Ph.D students only).

John Hartley is the keynote speaker on the DREAM conference: Digital Content Creation: Creativity, Competence, Critique. I just love the title: Digital-Content-Creation. That is exactly what digital storytelling is about. To create content on computers or other digital devices, to obtain digital competences and to unfold a sceptical view on media content, publisher and consumers.

John Hartley is a well-reputed professor from the Queensland University of Technology. He is among the pioneers of media and cultural studies, and have published 16 books about how new media make impact on the cultural and historical institutions in our society.

The conference is to be held the 18-20 September 2008, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark.

To read more about the conference, please visit dreamconference.dk

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Definitions of digital storytelling

When we talk about digital storytelling two definitions comes to my mind. In general, I tend to describe it as a movement and practice, however I recently encountered a more detailed description of the fields of digital storytelling.

Professor John Hartley from Queensland University of Technology in Australia outlines the following elements as parts of ‘digital storytelling’:

  • As a form, it combines the direct, emotional charge of confessional disclosure, the authenticity of the documentary, and the simple elegance of the format – it is a digital sonnet, or haiku.
  • As a practice, digital storytelling combines tuition of the individual with new narrative devices for multiplatform digital publishing across hybrid sites.
  • As a movement, it represents one of the first genuine amalgamations of expert and consumer/user-led creativity.
  • And as an elaborated textual system created for the new media ecology, digital storytelling challenges the traditional distinction between professional and amateur production, reworking the producer/consumer relationship. It is a contribution to (and test of) contemporary thinking about media literacy and participation, storytelling formats, and content distribution. (Hartley, in press)

So I must admit, that my definition of digital storytelling was quite short. Digital storytelling represents more than a new media practice; it also includes an emergent form and an activist/community movement.

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